'If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

Energy Exercises

These exercises are based on the idea of Energy.  When you understand 'the energy principle' you will understand why they
are so effective - we 'work smarter' rather than 'work harder.'   The principle of 'energy-current-release by posture-stretch-relax is a
more natural aid to health than forceful muscle straining.  We use an 'effortless effort' activating the subtle energy currents, fields and pathways and affecting the entire body through the interrelationship
of all systems.  As with yoga breathing is an important part of these exercises.  Benefits arise on levels and in areas which may have seemed unrelated.  

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The Complete Breath

Face, Jaw, TMJ, Occipute:

TMJ Release

Occipute Release, Eye Exercises

Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Diaphragm: 

The Owl, Arm Activation

Neck Stretch, Neck Rotation, Thoracic Extension

Neck Roll/Shoulder Shrug, Scapula Squeezes

Cliff Hanger, Rocking Cliff, The Pyramid

Chest Expander, Diaphragm Release

Foot Reflexolgoy

Diaphragm, Hip, Pelvic:

Diaphragm Release, Scissors Kick

The Pyramid, The Squat

Cliff hanger


Gerneral Balance, Relaxation:

5-Point Star, Perineal Rock, Reflexology

Polarity Therapy

Exercise, a vital part of a healthy, balanced life should include a combination of stretching, weight bearing and cardio exercise.
These techniques are not intended to replace medical treatment but to complement them.
  The Power That Heals